Proven business model

Distributed infrastructure platforms with clear growth opportunities

Focused on the European market

Final investment size of €40 - 100m+

Value-Added Infrastructure

Through our Infrastructure strategy we invest in mid-market companies that own and develop socially required and sustainable infrastructure for the 21st century. We focus on investing in infrastructure platforms that combine:

  • A cash-generative existing pool of assets; and
  • The opportunity and proven ability to develop new assets

We focus on finding opportunities where we can partner with a management team, bringing a combination of deep infrastructure experience, proven ability to drive growth, and a true partnership mentality.  This focus allows us to help our partners deliver real value through the development of necessary infrastructure, building upon the existing assets.

21st century infrastructure needs added flexibility to improve lives and the environment.  Investments in infrastructure deliver value to society through the efficient use of resources and taking advantage of technological advances. As a result, these pools of distributed infrastructure assets are a critical addition to the conventional core infrastructure across a wide range of sectors, supporting a range of megatrends such as:


Energy transition and electrification, driven by increased volatility from renewables and increased electricity use

Shared assets and the circular economy, focused on efficient use of assets (reuse / sharing)

Digitalisation, driven by increased access to digital, IoT and smart devices

Preventative and chronic care, driven by ageing populations and control of health spending

Our investments are sustainable, with core business models meeting a societal need of the long-term.

Why MML?

Our Value-Added Infrastructure strategy is a genuinely differentiated offering, bringing an infrastructure approach to the mid-market. Our focus on distributed infrastructure platforms means that our proven toolkit for helping management teams drive growth in an asset base is uniquely relevant for scaling infrastructure businesses. This allows us to help teams deploy new assets, creating significant value for:

  • Society, by building needed assets efficiently and flexibly;
  • Management teams, helping them achieve the visions they have for their companies; and
  • Our investors, where successfully growing businesses drives attractive returns

Our unique methodology

We look to create this value by applying private equity skills and methodology to the distributed infrastructure market:

Existing assets

  • Systematise growth
    • Build models to create recurring growth opportunities
  • Accretive acquisitions
  • Access to growth capital

Growth opportunity

  • Incentivise best-in-class management teams, recruiting to fill gaps
  • Operational improvements (processes, software, etc.)
  • Incorporate best-in-class ESG practices

By exit, we will have increased the scale and repositioned assets with data underpinning, creating investments that combine scaled infrastructure characteristics with a clear and sustained growth opportunity.

Our Value-Added Infrastructure portfolio companies



Premier Modular

Premier Modular

More of our portfolio alumni

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Meet the Value-Added Infrastructure team

John Barry

Independent Investment Committee Member (Infrastructure)

Helen Downie

Investment Director

Andrew Honan

Managing Partner (Infrastructure) and Chair of Sustainable Investing

Harrison Smith

Investment Manager

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