James Brown

Investment Manager
After graduating from King’s College London, James worked in mid-market M&A advisory across a range of sectors at Stephens. He then worked in the TMT investment banking team at Deutsche Bank, before joining MML.

In conversation

What most attracted you to joining MML?

MML has a strong reputation and track record in the mid-market, and the team is highly motivated while also being very down-to-earth and this was a big pull for me. I am a member of the Infrastructure Private Equity team and not only does this strategy fit with my experience and interests, but it also provides a great opportunity to grow with the strategy from early on and contribute to how it takes shape and ultimately performs over time.

How did your career path bring you to private equity?

I spent 10 years in investment banking advising across a range of business and transaction types, and the most consistently rewarding part was in both establishing strong relationships with management teams and adding value on any given deal. This experience lends itself well to a career in private equity!

Name five things you couldn't live without

In no particular order…

  1. My family – no further explanation required!
  2. My dog – a long-haired dachshund by the name of Wilfred
  3. Coffee – my wife can tell when I haven’t had my caffeine fix
  4. Headphones – not sure how I would survive the morning commute without some music
  5. Golf – there’s no better way to wind down for the week than the PGA on a Sunday evening

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