Helen Downie

Investment Director
After graduating from the University of Warwick, Helen joined Ernst & Young where she qualified as a Chartered Accountant. She then spent a number of years in the oil and gas industry before moving to Foresight Group where she focused on investing into energy transition, waste and digital infrastructure for seven years. She was then part of the founding team of a renewable energy investment platform before joining MML.

In conversation

What is the most exciting part of your job?

As an infrastructure investor you get a backstage pass to see the hidden things that are essential to our everyday life. I’ve been inside wind turbines, watched my plastic waste get recycled and experienced what 40 tonnes of food waste smells like!

What is the greatest misconception about private equity?

That it’s evil! I’ve seen first hand how private equity investment has enabled businesses to grow rapidly to deliver green energy, recycle waste and provide essential communication services in underserved communities.

Name five things you couldn’t live without.

Salt & vinegar crisps, sleep, sunshine, a babysitter and dinner out.

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