Arttu Koivula

Investment Associate
After graduating from Aalto University with BSc degree in Economics and Business Administration, Arttu moved from Finland to complete an MSc degree in Finance and Private Equity at the London School of Economics. He started his career as an investment banking analyst with the Nordic Coverage team at Nomura and subsequently joined the TMT team at Goldman Sachs, before joining MML.

In conversation

What most attracted you to joining the MML team?

Its focus on people and culture. People in the team are really down-to-earth and everyone seems to be enjoying what they do. Additionally, I find the new Value-Added Infrastructure strategy very interesting as it looks at infrastructure investments a bit differently to traditional infrastructure funds. Also, it is a new strategy, and the team is just being built, so it is very exciting to be part of something new. The energy of the team and MML as a whole is great and forward-looking.

What do you most enjoy about being an investor?

I really enjoy figuring out what companies actually do, what has made them successful and what is driving value creation in those companies. Previously in my career, the focus has mainly been on large corporations, but I have also had an occasional opportunity to work with mid-market companies. Those experiences have always been more exciting to me as there is an opportunity to work even more closely with the companies, their founders, and management teams. Now as an investor, I have an opportunity to help those companies to grow, achieve their goals and create value as well as see how they can positively affect change in society.

Where would you like to work, if not private equity?

Before I started studying finance, I played ice hockey for 15 years in Finland and Canada, so most likely I would be doing something related to sports and ice hockey. Maybe it could be as a coach in an ice hockey team or as an agent helping young players to achieve their dreams. Also, I have always been interested in food, so I could be a restaurant owner specialising in fine-dining food.

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