Sharand Maharaj

co-Managing Partner (Infrastructure)
An Oxford-educated Rhodes Scholar, Sharand's professional journey began as a Goldman Sachs Global Leader in New York. He then honed his finance skills in equity trading at Deutsche Bank in Singapore and Hong Kong, and in strategy consulting at McKinsey in London. Sharand's pivotal roles as a founding member and Managing Director at Macquarie's principal investment business for 13 years have led to his current position as co-Managing Partner at MML Infrastructure.

In conversation

How have your experiences before joining MML helped you today?

I've been a finance and data enthusiast since childhood, starting to trade on the stock market at 13. This early passion drove me to immerse myself in all things business, leading to a focus on Economics, Finance, Accounting, and Statistics during university, where I also founded the Investment Society. My pursuit of knowledge took me to Oxford for a Masters in Financial Economics as a Rhodes Scholar, where I honed my analytical skills, critical for understanding complex investment landscapes.

At Goldman Sachs in New York, I grasped the nuances of global markets, a knowledge further deepened as an equity trader at Deutsche Bank in Singapore and Hong Kong. Each role imbued in me the intricacies of high-stakes decision-making.

Consulting at McKinsey in London was a turning point, where I developed a knack for strategic thinking and tackling diverse business challenges. The zenith of my pre-MML journey was at Macquarie, as a founding member and later Managing Director. Here, I learned the art of directing large-scale investments and spotting long-term growth opportunities – achievements that I'm particularly proud of.

In sum, these experiences have melded into a unique blend of analytical rigor, strategic acumen, and a broad worldview. At MML Capital, they serve as the foundation for my approach, from identifying potent investments to guiding management teams and forging effective growth strategies. It's a culmination of a lifelong journey in finance, where each chapter has been instrumental in shaping my role today.

How have your experiences before joining MML helped you today?

The most exhilarating part of my role at MML is, without a doubt, the entrepreneurial journey of building MML Infrastructure from the ground up. It starts with assembling a dynamic team – each member bringing unique skills and insights, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Raising capital is another thrilling aspect, as it involves not just securing funds but also forming lasting relationships with investors who believe in our vision. Watching MML Infrastructure grow, developing its strategies, and carving its niche in the market is incredibly rewarding.

Equally exciting is the process of identifying and seizing transformative investment opportunities. These aren’t just financial ventures; they are investments in the future, in projects that meld profitability with societal impact.

Lastly, the progression from initial investment to a successful exit embodies the essence of our work's impact. It’s a journey that reflects our team’s dedication and strategic acumen, culminating in the realization of a venture’s full potential. This cycle of investment and growth not only drives financial success but also contributes positively to the broader community.

In sum, it's the blend of building a thriving business, making strategic investments, and witnessing their successful outcomes that makes my job at MML profoundly exciting.

Name five things you couldn’t live without.

Family and Friends: First and foremost, my wife, who has the patience of a saint, and my two boys, aged 8 and 5, who ensure life is never dull (or quiet). They're my rock, my cheering squad, and the best escape from the world of high finance. And of course, friends, who are indispensable for those sanity-check moments and much-needed laughs.

Coffee: Let's be honest, navigating the complexities of investment and keeping up with two energetic boys requires a reliable caffeine source. Coffee is the fuel that powers my day (and occasionally my nights).

Collaborative Teamwork: The team at MML Infrastructure isn't just a group of colleagues; they're like an extended family. Their collective intelligence and camaraderie are things I couldn't do without.

Analytical Challenges: There's nothing quite like the rush of dissecting a new investment opportunity or complex business challenge. It's like a never-ending puzzle that keeps my brain ticking and occasionally tricks me into thinking I'm still young.

Philanthropy and Making a Difference: Beyond the world of investments, my passion for philanthropy and making a positive impact on the world is a driving force. Whether it's supporting educational initiatives or health projects, the opportunity to contribute to a better world is something I deeply value and consider essential.

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