“With the support of our new partners, LV Overseas aims to further broaden this platform of entrepreneurs, unique in the freight forwarding industry. We are delighted to welcome MML as our new majority shareholder, to build solid and sustainable growth for years to come.”

Philippe Massot, CEO, LV Overseas

LV Overseas

Shareholder re-organisation to support international buy & build strategy.

The business

LV Overseas is an international freight forwarder, with a leading position in the French overseas territories, and strong positions on value-added verticals (gas, heavy lift, temperature-controlled transportation, etc.) 

The deal

LV Overseas is a strong market consolidator, with a track record of integrating and creating partnerships with a large number of complementary companies willing to join the project. It is specialised on North-South routes, with a strong expertise on grouping and the ability to organise the transportation of specific goods (gas, heavy lift, temperature-controlled transportation) for its 7,000 strong client base.

Deal Status
Business Services

Catch up with CEO, Philippe Massot, one month post investment

How would you explain what LV Overseas does?

LV Overseas is an international freight forwarding services provider, specialised in maritime flows, providing a comprehensive range of services to our customers in door-to-door freight (coordinating logistics, storage, bundling / unbundling, loading as well as administrative and customs formalities).

How has LV Overseas evolved over recent years?

LV Overseas has grown very rapidly, with an acceleration of the acquisition pace over the last two years and an increased internationalisation. However, the Group has maintained its strong entrepreneurial DNA, family culture and sense of customer service, which are key factors of our performance.

Why did you choose MML as a financial partner in 2022?

We were looking for a partner to further accelerate our external growth strategy, notably through international acquisitions. We rapidly created a strong fit with the MML team (Henry-Louis, Louis, Anne-Claire and Charles) who grasped the key aspects of our business and showed the value-add they would bring. We look forward to working with them in our next development phase and are already examining acquisition opportunities together.

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Founded in 1932, LV Overseas is an international freight forwarder that has diversified from its historical French overseas focus.

Associated deal team

Henry-Louis Merieux

Managing Partner

Louis De Montille

Investment Director

Anne-Claire Lainé

Investment Manager

Charles Le Texier

Investment Manager

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