Anne-Claire Lainé

Investment Director
After obtaining a Master’s degrees from HEC Paris and ESADE Barcelona, Anne-Claire spent four years in strategic consulting at Bain & Company. She then worked at private equity fund L-GAM in London before joining the Paris team of MML.

In conversation

What is the value in MML’s international presence?

We have very frequent interactions across offices, and we leverage the networks and expertise of everyone to bring value to the companies we invest in. For example, our US team recently helped one of the French portfolio companies on shortlisting US acquisition options, and we recently helped Roboyo open its French office (in the same building as us, coincidentally!).

What do you like most about investing?

Sharing a project with a management team. All the steps from the initial meeting, alignment on the vision for the company, brainstorming on the strategy and its execution, and contributing to providing the financials – ultimately, seeing what this means for the development of the group.

What does life look like when you leave the office?

Most of my time outside of work is spent with my young sons. Their level of energy requires spending significant time outdoors, but it is also compatible with a reasonable dose of cultural activities.


"Anne-Claire is always refocusing on the bigger picture, the main goals to achieve. She is sharp and determined."
Gérard Guyard, Chairman, Gravotech


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