“We built a strong relationship with Henry-Louis, Louis and Anne-Claire over the 12 months before we completed our deal. We are confident they are the right partner for us and we look forward to working with them to deliver our ambitious expansion plans.”

Rodolphe Rosati, Founder and CEO, GDI


Shareholder re-organisation to support international expansion.

The business

GDI is the French market leader in passive fire protection with the strongest geographical coverage in France and integrated upstream production of fire protection materials. 

The deal

GDI is the clear leader in France, with strong top line growth and positive market dynamics underpinned by increasingly stringent regulatory requirements regarding fire protection. It started its internationalisation by selling its fire protection materials in several countries and through large projects such as airports or tunnels. It also successfully acquired and integrated three acquisitions recently. After initially speaking with GDI, we spent significant time with Rodolphe and his team, who chose to partner with us to continue their growth trajectory domestically and internationally, seizing organic and inorganic opportunities.

Partnership Capital
Deal Status

Catch up with Founder and CEO, Rodolphe Rosati, two months post investment.

What led you to found GDI?

My grandfather and father had their own business in the construction industry, so I was born and bred with an entrepreneurial mindset. I started my first company in the field of building insulation together with my twin brother Fréderic in 1987. We then developed our own businesses in adjacent markets with rather parallel growth trajectories. Today, GDI is the French leader in passive fire protection with a comprehensive range of solutions.

What drives the passive fire protection market?

Stricter legislation driven by safety concerns is a constant trend benefitting players such as GDI. Recent tragic events, including major fires such as Notre Dame, Grenfell Tower, Mont Blanc Tunnel and several skyscrapers in Dubai, are pushing authorities to tighten legislation even further.

Why did you choose MML as a financial partner in 2021?

MML offers the great combination of flexibility and international presence which is a key facilitator for GDI's international expansion. It is also a question of fit and we built a confident relationship with Henry-Louis during the investment process, confirming our desire to partner with MML.

How has the journey been so far?

Busy! We are further structuring the group and developing our commercial proposition, while continuing to grow, so there is a lot going on. Henry-Louis and the team provide the right level of strategic support and challenge to ensure we stay focused on our strategic goals.

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MML is delighted to announce our fourth investment of 2021, backing Rodolphe Rosati, CEO and Founder of GDI, the French market leader in passive fire protection and thermal insulation.

Associated deal team

Henry-Louis Merieux

Managing Partner (France)

Louis De Montille


Anne-Claire Lainé

Investment Director

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