Louis De Montille

After graduating from HEC in Paris, Louis joined the investment banking team at Rothschild & Co. He then worked for the French State Investment Fund ("FSI") focusing on mid to large cap transactions across various industries and situations, before joining MML. Louis is also an entrepreneur and is the founder of a chain of wine shops.

In conversation

What do you most enjoy about working at MML?

Every day at MML genuinely starts with a positive atmosphere, talking about how we can help our portfolio companies grow or who will be the next management team we would love to partner with. MML has a truly openminded and entrepreneurial mindset which really makes it an exciting place to work.

How did your career path bring you to private equity?

I did not know much about private equity when I was 20 years old. I initially started my own wine business, which continues to develop today, before pivoting into finance. My time with Rothschild educated me on private equity. I have always liked a combination of analytical work and more organic, entrepreneurial endeavours. Mid-market private equity is a great mix of both worlds and felt like a natural evolution for me.

Name five things you could not live without.

Football, wine, family, projects, fun.


"Louis is a financial person who really loves industry and business. His DNA is - let’s do better, let’s think outside of the box."
Gérard Guyard, Chairman, Gravotech


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