"Rob, Will and the team immediately felt like the perfect cultural fit for our business, and we look forward to working alongside them to deliver our strategic objectives.”

Luke Minford, CEO, Rouse


Minority investment to support an ambitious growth plan and transition from a traditional partnership to corporate model.

The business

Rouse is a global provider of intellectual property (IP) services – offering a broad spectrum of solutions covering trademarks, patents, enforcement, legal services and consulting.

The deal

MML partnered with Rouse as a minority investor to support the team to deliver an ambitious growth plan, involving several significant organic initiatives and a focused acquisition strategy. Our investment also crystallised the transition from a traditional partnership model to a corporate model, allowing the business to re-invest for growth and aligning all parties to grow value over the long term.

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Catch-up with CEO, Luke Minford, shortly after investment.

How would you describe what Rouse does?

Rouse is one of the world’s leading providers of intellectual property services, operating predominately in emerging markets. We offer the full spectrum of IP solutions to our longstanding client base, helping large Western multi-nationals to manage, protect and monetise their IP in complex and ever-changing international markets. We pride ourselves on putting the client at the centre of everything we do, as well as on quality, professionalism and independent thinking.

How was the deal process?

MML were always collaborative and pragmatic in their approach. Although the process ended up taking longer than we all anticipated at the outset, this period allowed us to build great conviction that we had found the right partner. We managed to get the MML team out to Dubai to meet all Principals able to travel, to get to one of MML’s portfolio dinners (meeting several of their existing portfolio CEOs) and even to meet and assess potential M&A opportunities together. The time was invaluable in building an understanding of what it would be like to work together.

What have the first few months been like?

Busy and exciting. We have a new Chairman on board and MML have provided invaluable support on the M&A front. We’re busy driving a number of initiatives aimed at improving client service, technology enablement and process improvement. Our leadership group is energised!

Related news

Rouse continues its global expansion with acquisition of Valea
MML is delighted to have supported Rouse in its acquisition of Valea AB, a leading European intellectual property (“IP”) firm. The addition of Valea enhances Rouse’s capabilities in Sweden, one of the most innovative technology and Greentech regions in the world, as part of Rouse’s strategy to pursue greater integration and alignment of IP services globally. Valea comes with deep patent expertise and an enviable blue chip client base. Through the acquisition, Rouse and Valea clients will have the opportunity to access new markets and enhanced IP capabilities.

Associated deal team

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Richard Mayers

Managing Partner (UK - Partnership Capital)

William Stewart

Investment Director

James Church

Investment Manager

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