MML has received an offer to purchase Gravotech

MML has received an offer to purchase (referred to as the "Put Option Letter") from the French company Braton Europe S.A.R.L., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brady Corporation, the parent company of the Brady Group ("Brady"), directed to all shareholders of Gravotech Holding, the parent company of the Gravotech Group (“Gravotech”).

Brady is a US based global manufacturer and marketer of identification solutions such as labels, signs, safety devices, and printing systems. Founded in 1914, Brady employs around 5,600 people around the world (13 countries in Europe, including France), and posted sales of c. USD 1.3 billion in 2023.

MML’s decision to sell its securities to Brady will be contingent upon the completion of an information and consultation procedure concerning the proposed sale.

Under the terms of the Put Option Letter, Brady has irrevocably and unconditionally undertaken to acquire 100% of the share capital and voting rights of Gravotech Holding for an enterprise value of EUR 123 million, subject to the current shareholders agreeing to sell 100% of the securities issued by Gravotech Holding.

This is clear recognition of Gravotech’s expertise and unrivalled position in its markets.

If this transaction completes, this should represent a real development opportunity for Gravotech and its teams, enabling them to join one of the leading players in the industry worldwide.

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