Sam Stevens

Senior Investor Relations Manager
After graduating from the University of Durham with an MA (Hons) degree in Economics, Sam began his career at Deloitte and Lloyds Banking Group, before joining Ardian in investor relations. He then worked at Ancala Partners, a mid-market infrastructure manager, where he was responsible for all aspects of fundraising and investor relations, before joining MML.

In conversation

What do you believe is your most important role in Investor Relations?

For me everything comes back to our investors. Ultimately, their confidence and trust in us is the reason we have a business at all, so everything comes back to them. We must ensure we understand what they need and how we can deliver that for them. I am lucky enough to be the link between them and all parts of MML so not only do I see all parts of our business, but I get to introduce our investors to them as well. Whether that be on a call, video or in person.

What is the greatest misconception about the private equity industry?

I think the greatest misconception is about who we are working for every day, our investors. Most people assume our investors are well off individuals or families which simply is not the case. The work we do and the returns our investments make benefit the ordinary person in the street through their pensions. So although it might not be immediately obvious, what we do day-to-day is helping people live happy, healthy and secure lives in retirement. Which gives the whole process much greater importance and meaning.

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?

I would have to say my grandfather. He was always tremendously fair, honest, and conscientious in what he did and how he acted towards people. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but his influence lives on in how I try to emulate those attributes not only in work but in life too.

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