Waystone completes its ninth transaction and expands into the US, Singapore and the Middle East

We are delighted our portfolio company, Waystone, has announced the creation of a new compliance offering via the merger of four companies to create Waystone Compliance Solutions.
Amar Shanghavi, Investment Director at MML, said,

“This is another significant milestone in Waystone’s impressive journey. With these latest mergers, the company continues to demonstrate its ability to innovate and broaden its service offering to ensure clients can navigate complex regulatory environments with confidence. It is remarkable what the team has accomplished in a short space of time and Waystone continues to be exceptionally well positioned as a platform for future growth.”

Whilst Waystone has traditionally offered compliance services to funds, this is the first time it has offered services to fund managers at a corporate level, vastly expanding its addressable market. Waystone’s solution will be underpinned by its proprietary technology platform.

Waystone’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Cahill, comments,

“We have listened to our clients and taken on board their frequent feedback regarding the difficulties of compartmentalised compliance services. We have been challenged by our clients to solve these problems and the creation of Waystone Compliance Solutions means we are now in a strong position to provide clients with a truly global compliance solution that is unique in the industry.”

Since MML’s investment in August 2019, Waystone has developed its offering, both organically and through nine mergers and acquisitions. The companies involved in the latest merger are Titan Regulation, Argus Global, CCL Compliance and ISAS, each an established and experienced provider of regulatory compliance services, based in North America, Singapore, the UK, the Middle East and Ireland, respectively. Waystone is now supporting asset managers with more than US$1 trillion in AUM, and this expansion will continue to cement Waystone’s position as the institutional global leader in governance, risk and compliance services.

The transactions were supported by CVC Credit Partners.

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