Vicki Smith

ESG Manager
After completing an International Exchange Scholarship at UCLA, Vicki graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons) degree in Economics and Accounting. She began her career at Deutsche Bank and Bear Stearns before joining Campbell Lutyens in the secondary advisory team. She then worked at Aberdeen Asset Management where she focused on investor relations for their private equity funds. Vicki took a career break to care for her three children, before joining MML.

In conversation

What do you most enjoy about working at MML?

The people and the culture – MML feels like a pretty unique place to work. Everyone is clearly very driven and ambitious, but they are also flexible and understanding of people’s personal lives. I feel lucky to work alongside such a dynamic and busy investment team, whilst also knowing they have a strong moral compass and supportive style. Now I just have to live up to their expectations!

When did you first think about working within the private equity industry?

I was sitting in a meeting room on the investment banking floor at Bear Stearns, a few days after it had collapsed, talking to a recruiter. I have always found private equity intriguing – the idea that so much of our private lives are touched by companies backed by private equity firms feels powerful, but with such influence also comes huge responsibility.

What does life look like when you leave the office?

My personal life is totally dominated by our kids’ commitments and their friends. Luckily, we are great mates with most of their parents too!

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