Emanuele Rustichelli

Investment Associate
Manu grew up in Milan before reading Economics at the University of Manchester. After university, he joined the corporate development team at the London Stock Exchange Group and then moved to roles in mid-market M&A advisory, first at Aon Securities and then at Stephens, before joining MML.

In conversation

What most attracted you to joining MML?

Honestly, its focus on people. Everyone in the team is really down-to-earth and we all enjoy being in each other’s company, both in and outside the office. There is a strong emphasis on building a friendly and inclusive culture, where everyone is encouraged to share their views, which makes it a great place to work. This culture is also reflected in our investment approach, where key focus is given to partnering with outstanding management teams and establishing good relationships.

What do you most enjoy about being an investor?

In my previous role as an M&A advisor, what fuelled me was working closely with entrepreneurs and management teams, knowing that I was playing a small part in helping them achieve their goals. As an investor, this aspect is amplified and now I get to be actively involved and work alongside management teams growing and developing their business – whether it be through M&A, international expansion, or other strategic initiatives. It is incredibly rewarding.

Where would you like to work, if not private equity?

My wife keeps telling me I should open my own pasta restaurant. Perhaps somewhere warm and on the beach so that I could combine two big passions of mine … Italian food and the sea.


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