Charles Devas

Finance Manager
Having spent time living in Chile and France, Charles graduated from the University of Bath with a BA (Hons) degree in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) and European Studies. After completing his degree, he returned to Paris and qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) with a boutique accountancy firm, where he gained experience in providing asset-structuring and tax-related advisory services to a range of private and commercial clients. Charles joined MML as a Finance Manager, working across the corporate accounting, fund accounting and investor relations functions.

In conversation

What most attracted you to joining the MML team?

Joining the MML team appealed to me on many levels. Firstly, MML’s track record speaks for itself and that is driven primarily by the talented team that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. Secondly, I liked MML's international footprint, both in terms of its international teams as well as the variety of international portfolio companies in which we continue to invest. Finally, I like the relatively small size of the company – it feels like an environment where people build strong, lasting relationships, where I can have real influence.

What does life look like when you leave the office?

I am an enthusiast of almost every sport, so most of my free time consists of playing, watching, and reading about it! Whilst living in Paris, I loved running a Sunday league football team, which I am looking to replicate in London. Currently, I am getting back into cricket after a bit of a hiatus. I am a keen runner and increasingly a cyclist, having purchased my first bike during lockdown (just like everyone else it seems!). I am also an improving golfer, although I may have to leave that to my more talented colleagues… Besides sport, my other great love is music (almost all genres), especially the thrill of attending live performances.

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