Rory Brooks CBE

Rory graduated from the University of Manchester (UMIST) in Management in 1975, before joining the Bank of Boston. In 1978 he relocated to the US for nine years, living in Boston and New York. He returned to the UK in 1987 and founded what is now MML the following year with Jim Read. He stood down as CEO in 2018 and is now the Chair.

In conversation

What is your philosophy for MML?

We are an economically purposeful organisation and cannot thrive without the successful pursuit of financial profit. But, now more than ever, we must think more broadly about the many ways we can and must contribute to our society and our world. Our work must be both satisfying and challenging. We must encourage people to grow and be responsible for themselves and for others. We must promote a good life/work balance. We should engage with our many stakeholders (staff, LPs, management teams, service providers) honestly and fairly and represent our and their interests energetically. We should contribute to our communities and to the world at large. We must treat all people equally and fairly. We must speak freely, always with respect and learn from different points of view. All told, this will make us more profitable and richer in so many ways.

How did you get into finance and private equity?

At the end of my university course my professor asked “So, Rory, what do you think? Marketing or finance?” “Finance, I think.” “Yes, I agree.” That was the full extent of my career counselling. But Professor Smith was right.

Can you tell us about your interests outside MML?

Is there enough space for this? My family, our philanthropy, social justice, our local community, wellbeing, fitness, wine, travel, throwing parties, supporting my wife Elizabeth’s interest in contemporary art and a romance with being on (warm) water.

The complete picture
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Rory Brooks, MML’s Chairman, provides a glimpse into an art collection which expresses and represent MML’s offer to potential management teams and portfolio companies. A talent for understanding both the detail and the bigger picture.

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