Robert M. Davies

After graduating from Cambridge University, Robert held various merchant and investment banking positions prior to spending nearly four decades in private equity. Upon joining MML nearly twenty years ago, he led the firm’s investing activities in the United States prior to his partial retirement in 2020.

In conversation

What are you most proud of about MML?

Being semi-retired, I can now take a somewhat broader perspective than when on front-line duty. As such, I’m proud of the depth of talent across the firm, the commitment to the mandate given to us by our investors, the partnerships created with our management teams and above all, in spite of our growth, the character of the firm remains constant.

What has changed over the years you have been in private equity?

Without doubt the number of participants and the amount of capital. However, the discipline of sound investing has not changed. Backing a proven management team with a sound business plan is paramount. Moreover, understanding the long-term value that private equity can bring to a business with the appropriate capital structure and a true partnership with management is the key to long term success.

How are you finding semi-retirement?

Taking one leg off the proverbial treadmill was always going to be a challenge but, as with so many, Covid has impacted the best of plans.  So, while I haven’t experienced the benefits of spending more time with my family, I admit to missing the comradery of the trenches somewhat.


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PAR Systems
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TNT Crane
Universal Plant Services
VIP Cinema Seating
Waterbury Companies
Xserv Inc.
Yonkers Empire Casino



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