Idara Equere

Executive Assistant
Idara graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. She spent her final semester abroad on The London Internship Program where she developed a love for the city. Before joining MML, Idara spent over two decades working as an Executive Assistant, providing unwavering support and expertise to international leadership teams in the fast-paced realms of technology and financial services.

In conversation

What would you like to do, if not an executive assistant?

I have always been a football fanatic having played club football competitively from the age of 5. I am still very much a fitness enthusiast and would enjoy working in the world of professional football.

What does life look like when you leave the office?

I am a nomad at heart - my greatest travel adventure was travelling around Asia after University, spending two months in Nepal where I trekked the Himalyas and went white water rafting, two months in India where I visited numerous regions with Rajasthan and Kerala standing out, and one month in Thailand where I learned to scuba dive and took a Thai cooking class. I also lived in Barcelona for 11 years and am fluent in Spanish.

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